Captivate Your Man’s Heart – Tips for Women


Contrary to what many of us believe, if you want to captivate your man’s heart you don’t have to lose weight, learn how to cook a gourmet meal or become a vixen in intimate situations. As women we often struggle to understand exactly what makes a man fall in love. We know it has something to do with chemistry and connection, but how do some women seem to effortlessly get a man to fall in love with them? The secret lies more in how a woman makes a man feel about himself than in how a woman makes a man feel about her.

In order to captivate your man’s heart you have to make him feel great about himself. You have to make him love who he is when he’s with you. Some women seem to have this natural ability to make a man feel more like a man just from being in their presence. They draw out the best qualities in their man and make him feel better than he has ever felt before. That’s what you need to do if you want to keep your man in your life.

This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Every man is unique and if you want to captivate your man’s heart focus on something about him that you find irresistible. Ensure that he always knows how special he is because of that quality, in addition to all of his other wonderful qualities. Compliment him often and make him feel needed. Men are naturally drawn to women who look to them for help and guidance. Frequently ask him his opinion on things but don’t rely on him. Show him that you’re strong and self sufficient but that you welcome his input into your life. He’ll feel valued and trusted and it’s these feelings that spur the emotion of love within a man.

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