All About Calling Men – Dating Advice for Women

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It seems that every woman should know all about calling men if she wants to stay in control in her relationship. Unfortunately it’s never as simple as calling your man when you feel like talking to him. Men make assumptions about women based on how they handle telephone calls. If you want to appeal to him there are just a few basic rules you need to follow.

For the most part women shouldn’t do much of the calling at all. If you call him too soon after a date he’ll label you as desperate, if you call him because he didn’t call you when he said he would he’ll think you’re impatient. Men decide things about you based on your calling habits. The easiest way to avoid that is not to call him at all.

A perfect example of why you shouldn’t call is because if you do you’ll take on that role for the remainder of the relationship. It’s likely already happened to you at some point in time. You wait patiently to hear from the man you are dating and he never calls. Instead of just leaving it alone you call him over and over again until you finally get a hold of him. He realizes pretty quickly that there’s no reason for him to call. You’ll always track him down. If you start this behavior, you’ll be stuck doing it forever.

Or you and your boyfriend seem to have a great time together and he says he’ll give you a call the next day. You wait, he doesn’t call and then you call him wondering what’s going on. He’ll say he was busy and tell you to chill out. Now you feel like a fool and he thinks that you’ve got nothing else going on in your life other than him. You never want to appear that way to any man, especially the one you’re dating.

Once you have a clear understanding of how phone calls play into the dynamic of your relationship you can see why making those calls isn’t always in your best interest. If you know all about calling men you can decide for yourself when or if you should call the man you are dating.

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