Is Your Man Losing Interest in You?

Relationships aren’t easy. We all try our best to do and say the right thing but inevitably – at some point – we make a mistake. It’s really unfortunate that there isn’t a rewind button for life, isn’t there? Once you’ve made the blunder all you can do is sit back and wait to see what he does.

In most cases he’ll pull back and that will send you into a frenzy. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion. I’ve done something with a man that I later regret and try as I might I wasn’t able to get his interest back the way it used to be. It’s frustrating and disheartening to know that the reason the relationship is crumbling is because of you.

What most of us don’t realize is that men are incredibly forgiving. They are more than willing to let the past slip quietly into the past. The problem is that we – as women – don’t know how to effectively handle ourselves after we’ve made a relationship mistake.

There is a way to rectify any mistake you’ve made with your man. I’ve realized how to fix my wrongs and make them right again – you can too.

Common Relationship Mistakes

We all know the feeling. The desire to go hide under a bed after we’ve done or said something that’s bothered or hurt the man we adore. All we really want is a way to undo the mistake and immediately make it right again.

Here’s a list of common mistakes women make with their men:

Calling him too much. I’ve been guilty of this more times than I care to admit. If he wasn’t calling me, I was on the phone tracking him down. It didn’t take long before he stopped answering my calls completely.

Pushing him for a commitment. Once we do this, we often wonder what we were thinking. Naturally when we meet and fall in love with a man who we believe is our one true love, we want things to progress to the next level. If we have that conversation too soon, it can ruin any chance of a future with him.

Sleeping with him too soon. Lust can be overpowering at times. If you slept with him too early in the relationship it can completely change the dynamic between you and your guy. Men make assumptions about us based on when we sleep with them – it’s that simple.

Being overly emotional. Who hasn’t been guilty of this? It happens to the best of us. As women our emotions are part of what make us so desirable, but they can also be a huge turn-off. If you show him that you’re very emotional, he may label you as unstable and pull back.

Saying “I Love You” too soon. This is such an easy mistake to make. It’s also incredibly damaging to the future of the relationship.

Showing insecurity. If you don’t love yourself, he’s going to struggle to love you. Insecurity manifests itself in many ways in a relationship including through jealousy. This can be the kiss of death of even the strongest of bonds.

Cheating on him. Seeing the man you love in pain because of your infidelity is heartbreaking. Not only does this damage the trust between you two it bruises his ego as well.

If you’ve made any of these mistakes with your man –learn how to fix it now.

Change Your Relationship Now

How to Undo Any Mistake You’ve Made with Your Man

Loving a man and feeling him pulling away because of a mistake you’ve made is emotionally torturous. Even if he tells you that he’s forgiven you – you know inside that he’s just saying that. The problem with most of us is we just don’t have the insight to know exactly what steps to take to fix a mistake we’ve made in our relationship.

Instead of following some compassionate guidance offered by a relationship expert we follow our heart’s lead. Typically the end result is us making the situation much worse and the man we love pulls back even more to the point that a breakup is the only solution.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Bob Grant is a gift when it comes to working through a difficult time in a relationship. He’s developed a system that shows women what they can do when their relationship is teetering on the edge of disaster.

Bob explains what you have to do starting now to fix things with your man. He tells you how to reinvent your image in his eyes. You can completely change how he views you even after the most damaging of mistakes.

All of this is accomplished in a very loving, compassionate and charming way. He’ll be mesmerized with you all over again and he’ll forgive you.

If you’ve made a mistake with the man you are with now or if he’s left you because of a mistake you’ve made – you can rebuild the relationship to be exactly what you want.

If you want to know the complete blueprint for getting his interest backyou can find it here.

Don’t allow your mistakes to rob you of your chance with the man you love. Fix it now – before it’s too late.

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Reader Question of the Week for December 9th, 2014

I Slept With Him and Now He’s Disappeared

Question: I did it and now I regret it. Yes, I slept with him on the first date and he’s disappeared into the ether. Now what?

My answer: Sigh. I understand. I really do. It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and before you know it, the moment has passed and he’s no where to be found. Is it over before it really began? Not necessarily. This is a mistake that surprisingly many women make. The best way to deal with it is to be proactive about changing his vision of you. Let a bit more time pass and then send him a quick text saying you’d love to get together for a coffee or lunch. If he offers to pick you up, say you’ll meet him at the designated spot. This is the time when you want to shift the relationship back into the “getting to know you” phase. Keep yourself out of tempting situations for the next couple of weeks and let him get to know the “real” you.

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